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Black Bullet Profile: Karel Pavich

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Karel was born in Hamilton and even at school was a great achiever, showing her competitive spirit in athletics, netball and soccer. Karel fell in love with her first motorcycle at the age of 15 and developed a passion for 'Two Wheeling' that has led her into a lifestyle completely dominated by motorcycles

In 1988, Karel made the decision to begin road racing. She set about establishing CLOUD 9 RACING, and everything else took second place as Karel launched herself onto the New Zealand racetracks. She became something of a novelty in her first year, towing her racing motorcycle all over New Zealand on a trailer designed to attach onto her 900cc Road Bike.

Her determination showed as she successfully completed her first season in the 250cc production class with good results. In her second season, Karel secured a sponsored ride with Honda and teamed up with mechanic (and future husband) Lester Ferdinand. This proved to be a great partnership as Karel finished 6th in the NZ 600 cc Championship on the Honda.

Being the only woman competitor in a male dominated sport has never been easy for Karel, but she has shown an ability and a flair that has added interest to motorcycle road racing.
In 1990 she was nominated for the NZ Motorsport Woman of the Year.

In 1991 Karel spent several months in Seattle, USA to further her race career. She teamed up with fellow lady racer Ann Martin to compete in 6 Hour Endurance Events. They came 1st place in 600 cc Class WMRRA 6 Hour and 4th place in the WERA 6 Hour. Once again they were the only ladies team in these events.

Returning from USA, Karel secured a ride with Suzuki and finished 5th in the NZ 250 Production Championship, after missing the first championship round. Her highest Championship race result was a 2nd place and she had her first wins during the winter club races.
In 1993 she again raced the Suzuki with top 5 results.

In 1994 Karel rode a TZ 250 GP bike in Formula 2 class, relinquishing the sponsored
production bikes to pursue her own personal goals on the track. Together with Lester's tuning knowledge they competed successfully in a class of racing that required more precision and expertise with the GrandPrix racing motorcycle.

In 1995 Karel retired from racing in NZ and moved to Australia, concentrating on her business and travelling activities. She resumed racing in 2001 whilst living in Sydney, competing successfully at Eastern Creek and Phillip Island racetrack. She had her first wins at Phillip Island, a track that Karel and many fellow racers say is one of the most exciting and challenging racetracks in the world.

When Karel moved back to NZ in late 2004, she competed in the 2005 NZ national championship 250GP class, finishing 4th in the championship in her first season back on NZ racetracks for over 10 yrs.

In the 2006 Championship Karel achieved her goal of winning the 250GP NZ National Title. In doing so, she set a new lap record at Levels Raceway and is also the first women in NZ to win a solo NZ Roadracing Championship.

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